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Who Should Fit My Towbar?

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There’s nothing like hitting the open road with your own boat or caravan in tow. With summer just around the bend, now is the ideal time to explore Australia’s hidden treasures.

You’re probably wondering whether you ought to fit your towbar on your own or ask a specialist to do the same. Before you grab your spanners, take a look at few things you should consider when it comes to towbar installation.

Electrical Components

You could look up a towbar tutorial online to try to install the towbar on your own. This, however, is easier said than done. Cars come with different specifications. It’s going to be hard to find a tutorial that teaches you how to fix a towbar for your particular make and model. This matters because vehicles come with digital electronics and safety systems. If you don’t know how to integrate the towbar wiring with your vehicle’s electrical components, you’ll end up wasting your time.

Interior Removal

Apart from the wiring, you have to also remove the vehicle’s bumper and rear lights along with the interior trim. If you’re not careful enough, you could damage vehicle parts. This can cost you a hefty sum of money to fix.

Void Manufacturer’s Warranty

If you install the towbar incorrectly, you run the risk of voiding the manufacturer’s warranty and the insurance. Towbars are specifically designed to tow certain loads. If they’re not fitted properly, they could cause fatal road accidents. Apart from damaging the vehicle, you could end up taking someone’s life. If you’re in doubt, ask the professionals to help you out.

Tools and Equipment

To attach towbars to a vehicle chassis, you need to have access to the area under the car. You most likely won’t have a car hoist lying in your garage. Instead of spending money on buying a hoist and the extra tools, pay a specialist to do the job. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your towbar has been professionally installed. The specialist will also determine whether you’re using the right type of towbar for your vehicle/trailer.

Custom Towbars

If you’ve modified your vehicle, you may need a custom towbar to tow trailers. Custom towbars may have a different design. To make sure the towbar is securely attached to the vehicle, get it professionally installed.

Lastly, towbar specialists will install the right weight distribution hitch for your vehicle. Without the right hitch, the vehicle will remain imbalanced. You’ll have poor steering control and reduced braking efficiency. This will exert extra pressure on the tyres and the vehicle’s braking system.

Towbar Installation in Melbourne

Don’t risk your life. Ask the experts at Advanced Towbars to install your towbar. Whether you need trailer maintenance or towbar fitting in Melbourne, get in touch with our experienced specialists.

Our tow bar installers are ready to travel to your location to fit towbars. We’re also experts in installing LED Lights, reversing cameras, car alarms, and electronic brake controllers.

We have the latest technology and we work with the best brands in the industry. We carry a wide range of roof racks, towbars, towing accessories, and nudge bars in Melbourne.

Visit us online to view our products or call us on 1300 238 869 to enquire about standard/custom tow bars in Melbourne.

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