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Weight Distribution Hitch – What is it and Why Do I Need One?

Newly fitted weight distribution hitch

Are you always using your towbar to carry heavy loads? If so, you may want to invest in a weight distribution hitch. It may be the best investment you have ever made for your vehicle.

Read on to learn more about weight distribution hitches and what they can do for you.

What is a Weight Distribution Hitch?

Attaching a heavy load to your vehicle can really take its toll. It can cause unevenness and cause your car to sag, particularly at the rear. This will wear out your suspension and your tyres, increasing your risk on the road.

A weight distribution hitch is a system that helps to relieve the stress and ensure a level ride while driving. By evenly distributing the weight, you can enjoy a much smoother drive without added stress on your vehicle.

You may need a weight distribution if:

  1. Your headlights are facing upwards
  2. You experience trailer sway
  3. You have difficulty steering
  4. The weight of the trailer is more than 50% of your vehicle’s weight

The Benefits

Constantly carrying heavy loads with your towbar takes a toll on your vehicle. With a weight distribution system, your car will be more evenly balanced while driving. The benefits of this system include:

Improved Handling

With a weight distribution system, your vehicle is much more stable. With evenly distributed weight and less pressure on your car, your steering and handling can greatly improve. Steering usually bears the brunt of the damage when carrying heavy loads, but a weight distribution hitch can effectively reverse this!

Lessens the Impact While Driving

Driving can be a heavy impact activity, especially if you’re towing large loads. Weight distribution systems take the pressure off your vehicle while driving. They reduce the sag at the rear of your vehicle, preventing it from overloading and avoiding wear and tear to your suspension.

Reduce Trailer Sway

A swaying trailer is difficult to control and a danger to you and those around you on the road. Trailer sway occurs when the load is either:

  1. Not secure or
  2. Caught in high winds


Weight distribution systems ease the load on the axis of your vehicle, meaning there is less reliance your car. This helps to control the external factors that cause trailer sway, making you safer on the road.

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