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Towbar Maintenance – What You Need to Know

Towbar Maintenance Concept

If you use your towbar every weekend, you have to clean and lubricate it for trouble-free operation. A tow bar has many parts that perform different functions. The wiring that runs to the trailer ensures that the trailer you’re towing has the correct brake lights and turn signal lights. To make sure everything is in proper working order, follow the maintenance tips given below.

Towbar Maintenance Tips

– Take a good look at the towbar for signs of damage, corrosion, or cracks. If the metal looks like it’s coated with a heavy layer of rust, or has visible cracks don’t use it. Buy a new towbar instead.

– Find out if you’ve used the right fittings to secure the towbar assembly to your vehicle. It’s important to use supports and mountings of the right size so your vehicle doesn’t get damaged while          towing another car or caravan.

– Make sure all the retaining devices like nuts and bolts are in place. Also, inspect the hitch pin and R-clip on the trailer for signs of corrosion or damage.

– If you have detachable tow balls, check for excessive play between the retriever socket and the detachable tow ball.

– Inspect the swivel pins on swivelling couplings. Also, examine the swivel joint. If the swivel joint seems loose, you need to fix it with the help of a bushing kit.

– Find out if there are any missing swivel pins.

– Attach the trailer to the tow bar and check for faults in the electrical wiring. Also, try to collapse and fold the tow bar to see if the parts are moving freely. If there is any sign of stiffness, clean and    lubricate the towbar. Test the towbar by moving it through its complete range of motion. If it doesn’t move in any particular direction, you have to repair it.

– Inspect the surface of the tow ball. Look for rust or the presence of grooves. Clean the tow ball with the help of a brake cleaner.

– Replace old bushing and locking nuts. This will tighten all the parts of the towbar. Nothing will come loose because of vibrations or bumps in the road.

– If you see paint peeling away from the tow bar, sand the area and apply a primer. Wait for a few hours before spray painting it.

– Lastly, check the chassis of the vehicle or the area where the towbar is generally mounted. If there’s any damage, get in touch with a professional towbar specialist.

Trailer Repair in Melbourne

For all your routine towbar inspection and maintenance needs, get in touch with Advanced Towbars. We have a team of experts who can attend to all types of car towbar problems. We also have a wide range of bike racks, bull bars, and towbars for sale in Melbourne. Whether you need to install 4WD accessories or tow trucks bars, we can do it for you. We know vehicles inside out and we can suggest the right type of towbars for your towing needs. Since we network with numerous tow bar suppliers, we can offer you competitive prices.

Give us a call on 1330 238 869 for tow hitch installations in Melbourne. You could also leave us a message online.
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