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Safe Towing While on the Roads This Summer

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With summer just around the corner, the roads are going to get busier. Whether you’re planning a trip to a caravan park, a fishing spot or a festival, you will have to consider a few towing tips before hitting the road. You will have to also follow additional road rules to make sure you don’t run into issues as you journey along the highways.

Safety Towing Tips

Go over the Rules

Each state has its own set of towing safety rules listed on the official department of transportation website. It’s a good idea to check the rules for your state before towing a trailer or a caravan.

Check Your Vehicle’s Towing Capacity

Every vehicle has certain towing limits made known by the manufacturer. Refer to the owner’s manual if you’re not sure what the towing limit for your particular vehicle is. To prevent accidents, make sure the vehicle has the capacity to manage the weight of the trailer. Trim levels of the same model may have different towing capacities. It differs based on the vehicle’s body style and drivetrain. You also have to calculate the gross combination weight of a fully loaded vehicle and trailer. Make sure the weight doesn’t exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limit.

Trailer Maintenance

The electrical components, brakes, bearings and couplers need routine maintenance. To see if the electrical components are in good working order, hook your trailer to your vehicle and turn on the lights. Test the running lights, brake lights and turn signal lights to make sure there isn’t a wiring problem. You will have to pull the drum brake assembly off to inspect the brakes and the wheel bearings. Look for signs of wear if you choose to repack the wheel bearings on your own. Lubricate the trailer hitch ball and coupler. This will prevent it from wearing out because of friction.

Towbar Safety

Towbars have to comply with certain weight ratings and design rules. As a general rule, use a towbar with a weight rating that exceeds the loaded weight of your trailer. If you feel the vehicle is sagging at the back, use a weight distributing hitch. It should give you good steering and braking control. If you’re using a tow bar with a removable lug, you will have to use safety chain connections. Always fit the safety chain on the non-removable part of the tow bar.

Lastly, if you’re towing a horse float, check the tyres, brakes and lights on the float. Also, inspect the suspension before heading out on a long journey. Suspensions have rollers that get worn out. Replace them if they look damaged or ask the professionals to service the float when required.

Custom Towbars in Melbourne

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