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Pre-Travel Tow bar Checklist

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Pre-Travel Towbar Checklist

Prior to any trip that involves a towbar, precautions must be taken. The last thing you want is for an avoidable accident to occur because of a problem with your towbar. With a thorough inspection prior to your trip, you will save time and money while avoiding an accident and the attention of the police.

Towing a Caravan

That big holiday you have been planning might fall off the rails without a proper inspection. Prior to travelling, be sure to check your caravan for any faults.

Make sure that:

  • The number plates, towing lights and caravan labels are clearly visible
  • The load is not heavier that the GMT of your trailer or vehicle
  • Your trailer brakes and lights are working
  • The amount you pack into your car’s boot is limited
  • You have correctly set your mirrors so that you have clear vision while driving
  • Your tyres are pumped and the tread depth is more than 1.6mm
  • Nothing is attached to the back of the caravan
  • The weight of the caravan is distributed evenly throughout the chassis

Caravans are becoming increasingly popular with holidaymakers, especially older, retirees. The luxury of having a home away from home has its perks, but caution is needed. Anyone found in breach of road laws while towing a caravan faces heavy fines and a loss of demerit points. If you are planning a trip, have a mechanic inspect your caravan. At the same time, have you tow bar checked by an expert.


Towing a Trailer

If you’re constantly towing a trailer, you probably understand the importance of safety measures. Trailers are not immune to the damage caused by general wear and tear on the road, but with proper maintenance, your trailer will be carrying those heavy loads for years to come.

Before you cart that next big load, ensure your trailer meets the following:

  • Tyres are inflated to the required Psi
  • The coupling socket and ball match in size
  • The trailer is registered if the GMT is more than 750kgs or it’s bigger than 3 meters
  • Towing brake lights work and they’re not obstructing the number plate
  • Ensure you have a safety connection device in your car. This is in addition to your normal coupling
  • Have the appropriate safety connection. This can be one of:
    • Chains
    • Shackles
    • Cables or,
    • A combination of all 3

Safety matters when it comes to trailers. For added safety, particularly when towing heavy loads, a weight distribution hitch is ideal. This system ensures that the weight of your load is evenly balanced throughout your vehicle’s axis. Doing this will take the pressure of your car, enhancing performance and suspension.

Whether it’s a big delivery or a family holiday, don’t let your towing experience turn into a disaster. Make sure you do a thorough inspection before you travel and if you are concerned about your towbar, get in touch with Advanced Towbars. Our experienced fitters will install your towbar and have you driving safely to your destination. Book you car in today by calling 1300 238 869.

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