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Who Should Fit My Towbar?

There’s nothing like hitting the open road with your own boat or caravan in tow. With summer just around the bend, now is the ideal time to explore Australia’s hidden treasures. You’re probably wondering whether you ought to fit your towbar ...
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How Much Can I Tow?

Towing capacities vary from one vehicle to another. It’s important to keep the manufacturer’s recommended towing capacity in mind so you don’t cause any road accidents. If you tow loads that exceed the maximum towing capacity, you will also vo...
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7 Tips for Trailer Safety

If you’re planning to explore farmland, beautiful lakes, and national parks this summer, make sure your trailer is in mint condition before you head out. If you’re towing a trailer for the first time, read the state towing rules and regulations t...
Close-up of a car towbar

Tow Bar Types – Benefits and Things to Consider

If you’re shopping for a towbar, you’ll probably come across many options. To choose the right one for your vehicle, you’ll have to understand the pros and cons that come with different towbars. You’ll also have to keep the manufacturer’s r...
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Top 7 Risks When Towing

If you’ve bought a new boat or caravan, you’re probably longing to head outdoors. This is where towing comes into the picture. If you’ve never towed a trailer before, you need to practice your manoeuvrers and know the risks that come with towin...
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