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7 Tips for Safe Towing

When you have a towbar attached to your car, your potential for travel, adventure and carrying extra loads increases. A towbar can help take you anywhere, but if it’s not fitted and functioning properly, it can all go pear-shaped. Before you hit...
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What to Know When Towing a Heavy Load

  If you’re towing a heavy load, you will have to set up your trailer with the utmost care. Manufacturers provide guidelines for you to follow but the onus is on you to understand the data and take the necessary safety precautions. If yo...
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Things to Know Before You Tow

If you’re towing a caravan, a boat or a horse float, your vehicle will behave differently. You will have to adjust your manoeuvres to accommodate the length of the trailer or caravan. There’s a lot more you have to take into consideration for a ...
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Towbar Height – How High is Correct?

The height of the towbar directly affects the vehicle’s towing capacity. According to the Australian Design Rules, the tow ball height should be anywhere between 350 mm and 460 mm from the ground. You’ll have to measure the distance from the grou...
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Is It Wise to Fit a Second Hand Towbar?

Towbars are very durable but they do get damaged when they're put to good use or exposed to dust, dirt, and saltwater. If you're looking for a second-hand towbar, you need to find out if it's in good working condition before buying it.

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