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7 Tips for Safe Towing

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When you have a towbar attached to your car, your potential for travel, adventure and carrying extra loads increases. A towbar can help take you anywhere, but if it’s not fitted and functioning properly, it can all go pear-shaped.

Before you hit the road, make sure your towbar is properly secured and follow these safety tips.

H2: Safe Travelling with a Towbar

Before towing anything, you need to ensure that you meet all safety measures. The last thing you need is your load trailing off into the distance. We have listed the important steps in ensuring your towbar is adequately fit to tow.

  1. Know Your Vehicle

Your vehicle is built to carry a limited capacity when towing. If you drive a small car, you wouldn’t have a 3-tonne trailer attached to it. Knowing your car’s capacity and limits are important when using a towbar. Research this before you begin.

  1. Tow Bar Capacity

Not all tow bars are the same. Attaching a heavy load to a small tow bar can be a recipe for disaster. Too many accidents have been caused by people who don’t know their towing limits. Just like you know your car’s capacity, make sure you learn your towbar’s limits.

  1. Attaching the Tow Bar

Before taking off, check to see if the trailer is securely attached to the towbar. The attachment should not be loose anywhere and it should only be able to be unattached using specialised equipment.

  1. Tightening the Load

There have been many horror stories of people losing their loads due to slack restraints. If you’re carrying a load that needs securing, make sure you use industrial strength straps.

  1. Driving

Driving with a trailer can present a number of challenges, one of which is vision impairment. For those towing a caravan, a second side mirror is needed to improve your side vision. Never go over the speed limit or drive in the right lane with a heavy load.

  1. Install Safety Equipment

If you are not confident driving with an attachment on your towbar, use safety equipment. The two most common safety accessories that drivers use are:

  • Weight Distribution Systems
  • Sway Controllers

A weight distribution system will ensure the weight is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle while sway controllers ensure there is no swaying of the trailer while driving.

  1. Use Common Sense

Prior to any travel, check your attachments and ensure they are secure. Obey all road laws and never, under any circumstances, speed with a load attached.

Also, take the time to understand your towing needs. Why are towing and where are you towing to? Towing a caravan is very different to towing a trailer full of building supplies and you will need to adjust your techniques and procedures accordingly.

Advanced Towbars are Melbourne’s leading towbar providers and installation team. With a dedicated team of fitters and a wide range of products, we’ll make sure you’re ready to hit the road. If you would like to learn more about our service, contact us today on 1300 238 869.

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