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5 Accessories to Go with Your Towbar

Reversing Camera Installer

Whether you tow all the time or it’s a weekend activity, there are plenty of ways to enhance your ride. There is a wide range of towbar accessories on the market that can improve your towing skills and make your road trip easier overall.

If you want to enjoy a smoother travel while towing, invest in any of these accessories.

Sway Controls

Without a doubt, this is one of the best towbar investments you will ever make, especially if you tow frequently. You can’t control the weather, but with sway controls, you can ensure you get the job done properly in any weather.

A sway control is designed to restrict trailer sway by encumbering the movement between the tow hitch and trailer. This means the job can go on if the wind picks up or the weather is threatening.

Reverse Cameras and Sensors

Your rear and side vision can sometimes be obstructed as a result of the load you are towing. To get eyes where you need them, invest in reversing cameras or sensors.

Most new cars come fitted with cameras, but for those with older models, it is well worth the investment. At Advanced Towbars, we have two options to choose from.

• Front or rear sensor installation
• Front or rear camera installation with a monitor inside the cabin

Regardless of what you choose, the safety standards of our products meet Australian regulations. For maximum vision, it is recommended that you combine both sensors and cameras in one installation.


Driving a 4-wheel drive gives you that extra grunt a standard vehicle can’t provide. To ensure you’re not stranded in an emergency, we supply and fit a wide selection of winches that are tailored to your vehicle’s needs. The weight capacity of a winch is determined by the load you are bearing and your towing capacity. Speak to us about choosing the right winch for your vehicle.

Weight Distribution Hitch

Put simply, a weight distribution hitch is a system that evenly distributes the weight of your load while towing. A weight distribution hitch provides a significant increase in handling and vehicle control, restoring the control that would otherwise be lost with a heavy load. This is because the weight is evenly distributed throughout the vehicle’s chassis to all 4 wheels. Our team of installers will help you choose the right system for your vehicle.

Electric Brake Controllers

Australian road laws state that any trailer with a gross trailer mass (GTM) exceeding 750kgs must have brakes. Without these brakes, you could be facing hefty fines. By fitting your vehicle with an electric brake control, you are enhancing the braking capabilities of both trailer and vehicle.

Advanced Towbars is Melbourne’s leading towbar fitting team. We professionally install your towbars and provide a range of accessories to match. For more information about our towing products or services, contact us today. Our experienced team will assist you with any question relating to your towing needs.

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