Tow Hitches Melbourne

When towing a trailer, you need to be sure that it is fitted to the vehicles’ required specifications. Tow hitches are required by law, and must be compliant to all safety standards. Fortunately, Advanced Towbars Melbourne is highly experienced in tow hitch installation.

What Are Towbar Hitches?

A tow hitch is a device that is attached to the chassis (rear) of a vehicle. They are usually in the form of a:

Tow ball: to allow swivelling of a trailer

Tow hook: used on larger vehicles, for slack in the pivot pin to move, or

Tow pin

Whether your tow bar is factory fitted or an aftermarket installation, our tow hitches are fitted to all vehicles.

Towbar hitches are essential to all vehicles that frequently tow a trailer. As a tow hitch installation specialist in Melbourne, we fit car and trucks with quality towing accessories. Safety is a necessity when towing a trailer, and our tow hitches provide sufficient support.

Why you Need One

Towbar hitches are needed on all vehicles that have a towbar attached. Whether you frequently or rarely tow, you want to be sure your accessories can handle the job. Without a reliable tow hitch, the chances of your vehicle separating from the trailer increase. Keeping your trailer secure while driving, particularly at high speeds, will help you keep the load under control.

Talk to an Expert

Before traveling with a trailer attached to your vehicle, be certain it has the right accessories. No matter what you are towing, a quality tow hitch will ensure your trailer is properly secured.

Advanced Towbars can fit tow hitches to all vehicles. With a combined 40 years’ experience in fitting towbars, our team can fit your tow hitch in no time. Our knowledge and experience is what separates us from the rest.

If you want to know more about our tow hitches and services, simply call us today on 1300 238 869 to get in touch via our contact page.