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Our nudge bars and bull bars are here to give your vehicle the protection it needs for the rigours of off-road use and the rough Australian environment. Advanced Towbars offers an extensive range of products for frontal and rear protection.

Strength and Customisation Come Standard

Nudge bars are specially designed to provide an added layer between an impact and your passengers. Anyone who has driven in Australia knows that hitting a kangaroo is not uncommon, but is quite damaging. That’s why our “roo bars” are made with custom designs and the strongest materials. “Roo bars” help shield the front of your car or 4WD from collisions and they can even add a bit of style and flair to your car.

At Advanced Towbars, we’ll give you expert advice to help you choose the right option that will perfectly suit your needs. We’re happy to give you a free quote on any job, so don’t hesitate to approach us with an enquiry.

Trust in the quality our products

We’re committed to providing each and every one of our customers with the highest quality and safest nudge bars and bull bars in Melbourne. That’s why we provide an all-around service, from the sale to fitting and installation. We stress the importance of properly fitting any automotive accessories and buying them from reliable suppliers – this will ensure the safety of you and your passengers as you drive.

Our trained team can perform professional installations on almost any make and model with precision and care.

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