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Holidaymaker doing last minute checks on their trailer

Pre-Travel Tow bar Checklist

Pre-Travel Towbar Checklist Prior to any trip that involves a towbar, precautions must be taken. The last thing you want is for an avoidable accident to occur because of a problem with your towbar. With a thorough inspection prior...
Man shifting a car into reverse

How to Correctly Reverse a Trailer

People who can perfectly reverse a trailer might seem like a genius or a magician, but they are nothing of the sort. In fact, with a little time and practice, anyone can master the art of reversing a trailer. If you want to hone your reversing ski...
Caravan basking in sunshine

Caravanning Towing Laws in Victoria

There is no better feeling than packing a suitcase and heading off on a holiday. Australians have a love affair with holiday travel and caravans are the accommodation of choice. However, there are laws that you need to adhere to when towing a caravan...
Reversing Camera Installer

5 Accessories to Go with Your Towbar

Whether you tow all the time or it’s a weekend activity, there are plenty of ways to enhance your ride. There is a wide range of towbar accessories on the market that can improve your towing skills and make your road trip easier overall. If you ...
Newly fitted weight distribution hitch

Weight Distribution Hitch – What is it and Why Do I Need One?

Are you always using your towbar to carry heavy loads? If so, you may want to invest in a weight distribution hitch. It may be the best investment you have ever made for your vehicle. Read on to learn more about weight distribution hitches and wha...
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